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3 September
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get lost.
5, 9, a mighty wind, alias, altoids, amanda tapping, american eagle, army print, art, atlantis, barnes freezers, baseball, big extra large sweaters, black, black and white, black and white photography, bongo jeans, books, bowling, boxers, bunnies, cantering, cargos, carter, cats, cell phones, chatting with friends, chicken, chococat, christopher judge, clay, coffee, computer, confusing random people, corn, cowboy bebop, cows, crab apples, crafts, cream soda, dancing, daniel jackson, digital cameras, disney, disney world, doberman pincshers, dobermans, dogs, don s davis, drafts, dragons, drawing, family, farms, ferrets, fishies, fishing, flip flops, florida, fonts, friends, fruits basket, furry paws, goats, going wacko, granny green apples, grape juice, grape soda, grapes, green, halters, handi-snacks, hanging out, haru x rin, hatsuharu, hippos, hiro, hiro x kisa, horse back riding, horses, ice cream, internet, inu yasha, ipods, jack o'neill, journalism, kangaroos, keylime pie, kyo, kyoru, lipizzaners, lord of the rings, loud keyboards, ludus equinus, major davis, mall, michael shanks, mints, monty python, movies, mp3s, muppets, music, my dog, my doggie dear, my lovely cell, my mouse, nonsense, notebooks, orange, palm trees, pancake meow, pens, photography, pigs, pizza, pop tarts, purple, radio, rain, richard dean anderson, rin, rock, rocky horror picture show, role playing, saddles, sci-fi, scifi, september, sheep, shopping, smarties, stables, star trek, star wars, stargate sg-1, tangerines, tea, teal, teal'c, thunderstorms, tic-tacs, tractors, typing, vanilla mints, violin, winamp, writing, writing emails(woot), zebras